Meet Hannah – our Brand Guardian!

HannahTell us a bit about what you do at Dusty Paw.

I have been involved with Dusty Paw for several months now. Helping with creative decisions regarding garments and model choices. Mostly though, I had input and freedom when it came to the photoshoots. I have dreamed up concepts and location choices for the new photoshoots for the upcoming website. I’m very excited about seeing the final edits as it was super seeing the models bring my ideas to life on the shoot days.

What was it about Dusty Paw that made you think ‘I need to get involved in that!’?

Originally, I was drawn to Dusty Paw’s work ethic. I felt I could happily help represent them as they share a similar outlook and values to myself. I loved the idea of any company whose main goals include giving back and treating people fairly. As expected Dusty Paw has been a pleasure to be a part of. They are pretty unconventional and believe in equality first. It’s more like being included in a family than a team, they have been very welcoming.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

When I’m not working I enjoy writing poetry and performing through out Glasgow. I recently performed at the Edinburgh fringe and also collaborated with DJ’s in Glasgow and performed at Sub Club. I moved to the city just one year ago and still find my self in new places often which I find exciting. I love how this city is so big you can lose yourself but also full of lovely homely places to relax. I also do some modelling and enjoy free style dancing in Glasgow’s clubs… once all the creative decisions have been made.

Now quick, tell us your favourite song, food and your guilty pleasure!

Song is a tough one as music is my favourite thing but probably Lola by the Kinks. I like lots of older bands such as The Doors and T-Rex. I have always had a great passion for music and sing almost constantly. It’s really due to the fact I don’t play any instruments that I write poetry and not songs. I do have a great love for drums and recently have been considering learning to play the bongos. I just need to find the time and a local class to attend now!

My favourite foods I can’t think, but I’m sure if you asked any of the Dusty Paw team they would tell you I do love cups of sugar with a hint of black coffee and guilty pleasures have to be sleeping past noon (on days off of course) and treating time as though it where elastic!

Image Credit: Glasgow’s Saint Werewolf photography

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