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Skull Design Competition

We are committed to seeking out and supporting new, independent artists across the world. It’s how we find the best designs and most original art for our organic clothing. We’re looking to add a skull inspired t-shirt to our collection so we’re launching a competition for you to submit your designs.

The winning skull design will be made into an organic Dusty Paw t-shirt and you’ll also receive a hoodie and t-shirt!

Include a rationale to why it is “Dusty Paw” and whether the design is for male, females or both!

Stick to our only criteria: keep it clean, and make sure it’s original. Send your skull inspired designs to

We’ve made a Pinterest board with some cool designs we’ve spotted for some skullspiration:

Follow Dusty Paw’s board Skullspiration on Pinterest.

Keep up to date with the competition here on our blog or on our Facebook and Twitter.

Advice for designers from designers

All you independent designers are a tough bunch. You have to submit your hard work, and personal expression up for review by strangers and then listen to their criticism. Not an easy life. Which is why we love helping you in any way we can, with opportunities and with advice when it’s going spare. Here is our own in house artist’s top tips for independent designers and artists.

1. Practice
Art is like a muscle, if you don’t exercise often it’ll atrophy. Even people born with natural talent need to keep practicing their art. Not only does it hone your skills, but it helps you build a style and come up with new ideas. So don’t wait until you have a competition or exhibition to prepare for, just sketch all the time and everywhere. If you’re waiting for the train, pull out your notepad and draw instead of checking Facebook on your phone.

2. Publish
Build a portfolio online and keep it up-to-date. Make sure you add some text to help you get found in the search engines and you never know, someone might stumble onto you and launch your career for you! It also gives you a brilliant place to refer people to when they want to see examples of your work without you having to scramble back through old sketchbooks and computer back ups to find your ‘best work’.

3. Protect
Making your work visible online is how to get business, but it can also be how you get things stolen. There have been some high profile court cases over the last few years about who art work really belongs to, and some poor artists have found it hard to prove that work is really theirs. It’s not hard to protect things – a watermark on your images online will stop people copying them directly. And if you’re in Scotland, these guys at IP Hub offer brilliant free advice.

So keep practicing, keep learning and you’ll get there. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

The Results are in…

207 entries over 7days from more countries than we can spell, but we’ve picked the winners for our latest design competition.

At Dusty Paw we are committed to seeking out and supporting new, independent artists across the world. It’s how we find the best designs and most original art for our clothing. We accept submissions all year round, but every now and then we’ll run a competition to remind all you clever, creative people out there to send in your designs!

It’s a cliché, but we were genuinely overwhelmed by the entries we received this time round. We took a lot of time to make sure that we chose the right designs. We worked hard to pick the ones that we think all you lovely people will like best…and this is what we chose.
elvishHave a look at ‘Bastet’ – named after the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, Joy, Dance, Music, and Love. Could you get a better description?! This amazing design is by swoOosh in Bali. We’re still choosing the colours and styles it will go on, but we couldn’t resist letting you all have a sneak peek now.

The second winner is ‘CuBisM’ by Susanne Baumgaertel (aka Susba) from Germany. No, it’s not a typo, the name is spelled CuBisM because it is named after the early-20th-century avant-garde art style created by Pablo Picasso, and ‘CBM’ – the acronym for cubic metre…or visually, a 3D box!  Yup, we’re impressed by us too.  As well as the clever name, we love its retro vibe and a few Dusty Paw-ers in the office have already put their orders in.

cubismSo now for the bad news…you can’t have one. Well, not yet anyway. All of our Autumn/Winter range is being made as I type, and will be available to order soon – I promise! But for now you’ll have to make do with the Spring/Summer range which you can check out now on

How Slow is Slow ?

GansonDid anyone see the piece going round in cyberspace about a machine created by Arthur Ganson’s that makes a mind-bending one revolution every 2.3 trillion years. ? That makes glacial look like it would break orbit.

It’s basically a motor turning at 200 revs per minute joined to a gear, joined to another gear, joined to another gear and so on. Each consecutive gear rotates at 1/50th of the rate of the previous gear so after about 4 gears you cant actually see it moving, presuming you haven’t actually fallen into a comatose state with the excitement of the first three gears and after the 12th gear …… well …….. you still can’t see it moving (but slower).

And as if we don’t get the idea this is slooooowwwwwww he’s gone and anchored the last bit to a big piece of concrete, so it is actually turning ……. but anchored in concrete ……… so its actually a machine designed to give out headaches as I can feel mine arriving as I think of this.

This could be quite an interesting concept if you know you’ve only got 10 seconds more to live in which case you can ponder what your missing (and then some) but even a trillion years is a frigging long time, in fact longer than the universe has actually existed so at 2.3 trillion years to turn once i’m going down to William hills for a flutter on it breaking before it gets there. Problem is none of us will be here to know it did, or didn’t, or to pay out my winnings which makes me wonder ……………. if a tree falls down in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it actually make any sound ……………. not as much as this ringing iv’e now got in my ears.


ps : Arthur needs to get out more !!