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Quality Organic Clothing Guarantee

We produce quality organic clothing – and we guarantee it! Our products are ethically produced, organic and long lasting!

We source high-quality produced clothes and then use fancy ways to get our original artwork onto them.  Meaning we are able to guarantee that they will last a long, long time!

Our guarantee means that if they don’t live up to this,  just get in touch and we’ll give you our returns address! It’s that simple.

quality organic clothing

We’ve even got a handy guide on how to keep your dusty paws clean!

Browse our Quality Organic Clothing here.

Ethical Production – Carbon Trust

At Dusty Paw, we are all about socially conscious style and ethical production, and we achieve that through our ethical promise. Part of this is working with the Carbon Trust, but who are they and what do they do?

Carbon Trust has been going since 2001 and they now have 160 experts working all around the world. They aim to reduce the carbon footprint in business and the public sector. The Carbon Trust work with organisations, helping us to contribute and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency and commercialising low carbon technologies.

Their mission ties in with our mission: “to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. To have real impact as a catalyst, making the case for change to business, governments and civil society worldwide.”


Find out more about the Carbon Trust or have a look at our tips on how to buy organic.

How to buy organic

It’s pretty easy to buy organic food, but did you know about the non-food organic products you can buy? Well, if you’re a Dusty Paw fan you’ll know that we’re pretty proud of our commitment to sourcing organic clothes for our designs, but clothing isn’t the only product that can come with an organic certification.

Lots of every day products can be organic. They offer a lot of the same benefits to you and the environment that food does, and you don’t need to go far to find them. Most are available in the supermarkets alongside your regular shopping.

Stuck for ideas? Here are our top non-food organic products you can easily work into your world:

Buying organic non-food products

Buying organic non-food products

What is organic?

Food, clothes, skincare, cleaning products – every day we’re bombarded with adverts for products which are certified organic. But what does that mean and is it really better?

Organic has a slightly different definition for food and non-food products, but essentially for something to be classed as organic it must be:

  • made using environmentally friendly methods
  • made with the highest animal welfare standards
  • grown and manufactured without any harmful chemicals

Why choose organic?

There are lots of reasons to choose organic food and non-food products, here are just a few:

      1. Organic food is proven to have better nutritional value than non-organic food
      2. Organic food is free from controversial additives including aspartame, tartrazine and MSG
      3. Organic farming is better for the environment as it reduces pollution and greenhouse gases by restricting the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
      4. Organic farms are wildlife havens, providing homes for endangered species like bees and butterflies who aren’t in danger from harmful chemicals
      5. Organic farms must look after their animals to very high welfare standards, including their feed and where they live.
      6. Organic products must be free from GM ingredients.

It’s not just food that starts life in nature. The natural fabrics in your clothes can be grown in farms, the ingredients in your shampoo, or even in the cleaning products you use all come from nature originally. Make sure you know that they have been made in a way that is good for the environment and good for you.

For more information on choosing organic, check out the Soil Association.

What is ‘socially conscious’?

If you are aware of the problems faced by different societies and communities around the world, you have a social awareness. If it’s part of your mindset and actions to do something to help these situations, you are socially conscious. It’s a belief that we are all connected, and working to ensure others are treated the way we’d like to be treated.

Alright, still with you – but what is socially conscious clothing?
It’s simple, we do everything we can to make sure that every person involved in our brand is treated well. From design to manufacture; from packaging to shipping; we work hard to make sure that everything we have control over is done in a way we are proud of.

We all know, whether we like to admit it or not, that much of the clothing sold on the British High Street is made in ways we’re not proud of. Many workers involved in the production lack even the most basic of employment rights that we take for granted. While it gives us cheaper clothes, the cost to these people is far too high. At Dusty Paw, we’re responsible so you don’t have to be.

Our clothing is ethically created by manufacturers who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). These guys are an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.

So your clothing’s socially conscious – is your business?
At Dusty Paw, we work hard to make sure we meet and maintain the same standards we ask of our partners and suppliers. People are partners and partners are equals so we don’t work in a way that means one is looked after differently to another. For example:

      1. We don’t use zero hour contracts, because that is asking someone to commit 100% to us when we would be committing 0% to them.
      2. When we pay for people’s time, we round up. If we use 1 hour and 5 minutes of a model’s time, they get paid for 2hours. We want our guys to know that we value them, and we recognise the difference it makes to be giving rather than taking.
      3. Just because a working practice is ‘standard’ practice, doesn’t mean it’s the best practice for the people involved. There’s not much ‘standard’ practice at Dusty Paw HQ!
      4. We honour our commitments to partners and pay on time as agreed giving them the certainty to manage their business as they expected.
      5. We won’t exploit a situation commercially just because we could. We look at the people in the situations, not just the pound signs.
      6. Most improvements in business performance come at someone’s expense so we are careful to ensure there are genuine upsides to working with us in our way.
      7. We offer independent designers from around the world the chance to create artwork for our clothing. We’ve all been there, struggling to start our own businesses and now we’re able to, we like to support these guys with opportunities and advice when we can.

As well as making sure our mums would be proud of our business practices, at Dusty Paw we go one step further and make sure that we give something back. That covers a whole range of things like: providing opportunities for graduates and interns; choosing to partner with small and start-up businesses who think like we do; supporting charities and non-profit organisations; and giving back to our customers as much as we can to thank them for joining our community.

In the spirit of social consciousness, we also ask that you guys help us by letting us know anywhere we’re not getting it right or any ways we can do more. Just get in touch.